“I Had Nowhere to Turn”


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Thanks to Safe Families, I truly know that there are people who still believe the more you give the more you receive.

“I am a single parent of four beautiful girls, ages 12, 6 and 3 (the youngest are twins). As wonderful a blessing as they are, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, alone and undeserving. I felt hopeless and had lost the will to deal with any more of life’s stresses. I attempted suicide. I believed my children would be safer, healthier and more successful without all my failures in life.

In the hospital I began to realise that not only had I made a great mistake but also I had let my children down. When I arrived at my apartment after being discharged from the hospital, DCFS, truant officers and an eviction notice greeted me at the door. As if that wasn’t enough, my employer called to say I no longer had a job! All I could think to do was drop to my knees and pray for forgiveness for all my wrongs. I had nowhere to turn.

Later that day I began to hear the name ‘Safe Families’. I heard it several times from different people, but no one could really tell me what it was. Out of pure desperation, I went online to find out more. Then, with much hesitation, I called and got an appointment. When I met the staff person, I could see the compassion in her eyes. Two volunteer families were able to take my children into their homes. I was able to call my kids every day and get together with all of them once a week. During that time my children were cared for by these other families, the Safe Families staff was positive and supportive and had a gentle way of telling me the difficult things I needed to hear. I was able to stand up and become strong and know that my children needed me. I used that time to find a new job and put my life in order.

My children are back with me now, and I feel like Safe Families is part of our family. I still remain in contact with the volunteers and the staff who helped us. I know that if I come to them with problems or concerns I will get guidance in the right direction. I have always had to figure things out on my own, with nowhere to turn, but thanks to Safe Families, I truly know that there are people who still believe the more you give the more you receive.”

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