A Host Family Perspective: Mark & Sheila

boy_playing_beach‘Sheila* and I were privileged to meet and spend some time with 5 year-old Jonny* last weekend. Jonny’s mum had left him in the care of her mother who was struggling to cope with looking after him at short notice.

We received a phone call from Safe Families for Children Scotland on Friday morning asking if we would look after Jonny on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We had the time available to us and were able to confirm the hosting arrangement within an hour. The process worked very well.

Together, Jonny, Sheila and I enjoyed an afternoon playing at a park on the Saturday and explored a beach and rock pools on Sunday. Seeing the joy on Jonny’s face and the sheer fun he experienced on his first ever trip to a beach was a really special moment. Hopefully Jonny will have some really positive memories to take forward to whatever lies ahead for him. It was lovely to be able to help both Jonny and his grandmother over the weekend and in the process ease the pressure on that family situation.’  -Mark

Don’t underestimate the power of a positive memory in a child’s life or the difference you can make by hosting even one child one time. Life at home may be turbulent and hard, but Mark and Sheila gave Jonny a brief safe haven where he could laugh, feel the sand between his toes and be a kid again. Could you give the gift of a positive memory? Could you be a Host Family with Safe Families for Children Scotland? Fill out our Volunteer Application Form, or call us at 0131 603 8430 for more information.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.