A Colourful Run on a Grey Day

This past Saturday saw St. Cuthbert’s Hospice’s first 5k Colourama fun run take place here in Durham. Over 1,500 runners took part in the charity event, and were liberally doused with washable powdered paint. Safe Families participated both in running and paint throwing.

Colourama fun run in DurhamThere were people from all over the North East community and despite the cold wind and hovering dark clouds everyone was living the moment. As well as many friend groups and single runners there were also whole families with children doing the event together.

Chief Executive Keith Danby was one of the runners supporting St. Cuthbert’s and shares his experience with us.

Keith's ColouramaI personally wanted to be involved because I think it is important to identify with other great community projects and Safe Families for Children and St Cuthbert’s both seek to help families and children going through challenging circumstances. Most of the NE team ‘paint station’ was posted at the Start/Finish marker and, led by Fiona Standfield, administered the paint throwing with much enthusiasm – and they seemed very determined that I did not miss out on getting a full measure!’  – Keith Danby