2 Hours Helped 3 Lives


Many children who grow up in the care system have very little support as adults as they may not have close family members involved in their lives. This in turn makes it harder to raise their own children, who may also end up in care as a result, becoming a sad cycle of broken families.

One single mum we were privileged to support was in this situation. She had had an accident and ended up breaking her leg. Delaying going to the hospital aggravated the injury and she ended up not being able to go to work and losing her job.

Having come from the care system, mum had no support network. Because she had to have complete rest and elevate her leg, it was a struggle to cope with her two children, especially as her toddler was just beginning to learn how to walk. The eldest child was not attending school as he was anxious about his mum and having to provide essential care for his little brother.

Safe Families for Children was able to provide a number of volunteers to cover the full seven days a week to help look after the house, do the shopping, cook meals, bathe the toddler, and ensure the older child made it to school. He was also referred by us to Young Carers.

With this support mum was able to continue at home with her children. The toddler was kept safe and the older child was able to attend school regularly knowing that both his mum and baby brother’s needs were being met. Having help in these areas relieved mum’s emotional stress considerably and she was grateful her children had been able to stay with her.

‘If Safe Families had not intervened my two children would have had to go into care’.

Each volunteer, providing around 2 hours of support a week, were able to keep this family together. Even those with little time to spare can still change lives. To apply to be a volunteer fill out our online form.