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Miracles Happen

“I learnt that everyone is unique and amazing.”

A Confident Mum

“At the beginning I felt very isolated and alone and now I feel I can be a good mum. I’ve got so much confidence now. I can take the girls out and I’m not scared of taking them out now.”

I Had No Hope

“I was desperate and at the end of my tether. I felt that if I didn’t get some help soon that I would go under and the children would be in care anyways.”

A Light in the Darkness

It was a parent’s worst nightmare. As I sat across the living room from her, Danielle described to me what she called a perfect life. She and her partner, Cameron, had been living in a cosy house near her extended family and Danielle had just given birth to their third child, Rosie, whom they doted on. Then one night there was… Read more »