Safe Families for Children believe that no one should feel they are alone, which is why every day 3 isolated families start to build relationships in their community.

How you can make a difference

  • £96 a month to help one family each month get connected into community
  • £24 a month to help three families this year find hope and connection
  • £8 a month to help one family this year find hope and connection

Why you can make a difference

As you look around your community, you will see many families who are isolated and in need of support.

We understand that you want to be able to make a difference. This is why Safe Families is setting up an easy way for individuals to partner with us through regular giving. Any money you give will have an impact.

This year Safe Families will be connecting over 1,500 isolated families into community. It costs around £1,800* to support a family from that initial cry for help to seeing them connected and hopeful.

The income we receive from Local Authorities, grants and the support of churches covers 95%* of that cost, however, we need people who are willing to cover the remaining £96 per family. As a partner with Safe Families your support will directly make a difference in the lives of families, enabling them to move from isolation to community, bringing hope and the opportunity to thrive.

The difference for Chloe

Chloe wasn’t safe living with her mum, so social services asked her Dad if Chloe and her two sisters could move in with him. Her Dad, Mark, was very anxious about his ability to care for the girls and knew he needed some help creating a loving and secure home for the girls.

Safe Families were connected and together with Mark came up with a plan. With the help of volunteers just like you Mark was given a break once a month to recharge his batteries, and he also had a volunteer to meet with to chat about how things were going (and the football!)

“…the support has been excellent and initially I didn’t think I had the capacity to care for my girls, however I have become stronger, well and confident. I know there are people who can help me, and that I can be a good dad.” Mark

There are lots of children like Chloe your donation could make the difference to them today.

* This year each family support costs us £1,807. We expect to receive £1,711 from the local government, grants and churches, leaving us £96 per family to raise. If you want a more detailed breakdown of our income and expenditure to consider your giving, please don’t hesitate to ask us.