Widows and Orphans

“I heard about Safe Families for the first time when we moved up to the North East. I was really excited by the whole vision of professionalism and yet encouraging volunteers to be engaged trying to support families in need so they didn’t get further into need. We did the training and one young child stayed with us for a night every fortnight for a several of months. That meant playing in the park, playing on the swing. Doing simple things like that. It was a joy for us to have a very small child in the home again and over the few months she was coming to see her grow and develop. Also to see her mum growing in confidence and to know that we were helping her to build her life afresh too.

“Safe Families mirrors Jesus’ call for us to welcome children. It also exemplifies the whole care of what in the Old Testament would have been called ‘widows and orphans’. They were those who would not have been supported unless the society took some responsibility.

“Often people get into volunteering with Safe Families because they want to help somebody else but often the experiences, the relationships they build, the training they receive, actually helps them to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Safe Families is a brilliant project for individuals to get involved with but also for churches as church communities. It’s a real opportunity for us as Church to work with the rest of society for the wellbeing of children and families.”