Sophie, Age 13

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We’re celebrating Volunteer’s Week 2017 by focusing on the amazing work volunteers do across the UK! Today we’re hearing from a young Scottish lass, Sophie, whose family hosts children overnight.

“My family was asked to look after Oliver for the weekend because his mum was going to have a baby.  He has twin brothers, who were staying with another family, who we got a chance to meet too! They speak German and we had fun learning and hearing some German. It was great to see him relax and chat to us over the few days, whilst I enjoyed doing some activities that I hadn’t done in years: going to the park, doing Hama beads, building dens, and playing Mario Kart!

After we met Oliver on Friday, the rest of the afternoon was quite relaxed; we got to know him a bit and watched Toy Story, for the first time in a while! Saturday included lots of playing and in the afternoon, we headed to a play park to meet up with his brothers and the other Host Family. I think this was definitely worth doing because they were all so thrilled to see each other. Dinner was with lots of smiles and learning new German words.

On Sunday morning, we went to church and again met with his brothers. The boys enjoyed the kids groups, and they all came back for some lunch and some more playing. In the afternoon, Oliver and the twins went to visit their mum and new baby brother in hospital, which they liked but Oliver was eager to come back and see us. It was early nights for everyone because we were all so exhausted that night, and on Monday morning, Oliver was collected for school, so we said our farewells. I’m looking forward to being a Host Family again.”


Sophie (age 13)