Safe Families for Children at New Wine

On Thursday 6th August we had a great opportunity to share about Safe Families for Children at New Wine. Their Impact venue is focussed on mission in urban communities and helping the poorest in society. Stuart Main (National IT Project Manager) and Stephanie Watts (Family Support Manager for Mersey) joined Kate Wharton, vicar of St George’s Everton and Safe Families volunteer, on the stage for a 10 minute interview about how Safe Families was started, how it works and how people can get involved. We handed out 1000 flyers showcasing the various hubs around the UK and invited people to talk to us afterwards. A number of people showed interest not just that night but around the festival site the rest of the week. Some were keen to volunteer right away and others eager to hear how and when they can have a Safe Families hub in their region. If you were there and want to find out more about getting involved, we’d love to hear from you!