Praying, Caring, Sharing

Praying, caring, sharing We want to say a special thank you to our Midlands volunteers! One of our largest and most busy regions, there are so many moving volunteer stories that we hear from them. Let’s hear one now…

Sharon has volunteered with several families, befriending parents and children and hosting children over night. She is always willing to go the extra mile if an emergency comes up. Whilst with her children feel comfortable and protected. Families speak highly of her and she forms genuine, life-changing relationships with them.

Though her physical, visible efforts are a real blessing to the families, it is what at times remains unseen to the families that makes her truly amazing. She will always include a blessing or short prayer over the family when completing her online notes and it is apparent that she reflects the love that Jesus has for us in the time she spends with families.

“Praying, caring and sharing”, Sharon says. “Part of sharing is sharing love with people and bringing along other people to see that helping others is not that hard to do. Those who are strong need to help bear the weakness of those who are struggling and on the floor. Those who have no extended family and no support network.”

Sharon is currently hosting a child with very challenging behaviour once a month to allow his mum to rest and recuperate as she suffers with incredible pain due to severe arthritis.

In the past Sharon supported a family while Dad was on his death bed so Mum could be with him in hospital.

“You never knew when you’d be rushed to hospital to pick up the children and when the dad was dying it was uncertain how long I’d have the kids for. It was a worry off Mum’s mind knowing there was someone to take the children. In the end I took them for the day and then a few other times to allow Mum to grieve and sort things like a new school.”

Sharon also supported a mum with two little children, providing parenting help, friendship and resources.

“That mum now, I’m part of her family. She’s always texting and I try to get down there to visit when I can. I can’t leave without the little girl crying and holding me when I go. It’s really lovely. We’ve helped Mum with two flat moves and got her some furniture. Another lady from Safe Families donated money to get cooker for her. It was lovely at Christmas to see Mum was cooking a Christmas dinner. I took her to an evening Christmas service because she wanted to come and the children loved it.

“I feel God has put his hand on me to volunteer and help families and I keep going forward. Some people say ‘you’re doing too much’ but it’s a blessing. I love them!”

We thank each and every volunteer in the Midlands for your love and compassion.

If you’re not yet a volunteer but would like to know a bit more, please click on the link below.

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