“My Bank Is Empty, My Pocket Is Empty”


It takes somebody to have time for you, to love you and care for you.”

The words above ring true for anybody going through a traumatic time in their life. Companionship is what helps us in our times of need, it offers a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, a good laugh when it feels like crying is all that we can do. But who do we turn to when the person who has always been there for us suddenly isn’t any more?

For Gifty, her husband was her world, her rock, and the provider for the entire family of four. So when he unexpectedly passed away, Gifty was hit with a double whammy of grief. Losing a loved one is hard enough but Gifty lost her comforter as well. Feeling alone and empty inside was exacerbated by the emptiness of her finances as he had always been the breadwinner while Gifty devoted her time to looking after the children and the house. She had nothing. No comforter. No money. Nobody to turn to.

Obviously it was not only Gifty who lost a dear family member; her children were also dumbfounded at the sudden news. No child ever expects to lose their father at such a young age and they, like many children, had expectations of decades left to enjoy life together. For Gifty’s thirteen year old daughter, it was all too much; she needed time away from home and was put in a long-term foster placement. Gifty experienced another loss.

She had to move home and the deposit on her house needed a guarantor, the house needed furniture, she and her son, Gabe, needed food. Their prayers were answered thanks to supportive friends who provided a lot in her time of need. But her emotional needs were still not met.

When Safe Families came along Gifty gladly welcomed whatever support could be offered to her.

Family Friend support was put in place and a volunteer, Julie, came round every Monday to talk with Gifty and teach her how to read, that being something Gifty was keen to learn since she left school as a girl and wasn’t literate. Julie also reads to Gabe – an important part of a child’s development which nowadays is often overlooked.

Julie’s support has given Gifty relief through her grieving process and confidence in being an independent woman. From her pockets being empty, Gifty now says her ‘hands are full’ of blessings since Safe Families and Julie came along.

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