Like Jesus Himself

like jesus

Pregnant and recently returned to the UK with her two young sons, Samantha* is being assisted by the local authority who are putting them all up together in one room of a B&B and have linked them to a foodbank for a weekly food parcel.

The boys don’t yet have school places and being cooped up in one room all day, Samantha was struggling to entertain them.

Now that Samantha has been connected to Safe Families for Children she is visited by a Family Friend who comes weekly to spend time with her, another Family Friend who takes the kids out once a week, and a volunteer who fetches her weekly food parcel.

Resource Friends have provided a fridge and microwave to allow her to cook in the room, and toys to entertain the boys, such as a handheld games console, toys and colouring books and a winter coat for the older boy.

Both Family Friends are also Host Families who are ready to host as soon as Samantha goes into hospital as she’s likely to be in for a few days.

Recently Samantha said to me that, ‘Safe Families for Children is honestly like Jesus himself coming to be with me’ and that once she is back on her feet she would like to get involved with volunteering herself.

*real name withheld for confidentiality purposes