Karaoke Craic or ‘The Extra Mile’

One day we were referred a newly married woman who had recently become a mum to her now 6-month-old daughter. She was socially isolated, having very little family support and a poor relationship with her parents. Limited support was available from her husband due to his very long working hours. She didn’t have anybody to ask questions to if she had any parenting doubts and she struggled with her emotional health and getting out of the house. So a Safe Families Family Friend met up with her to listen and offer moral support.

Mum had trouble trusting strangers and didn’t feel comfortable leaving her little one alone with anyone. Despite this, she grew to trust the volunteer and felt comfortable leaving her daughter with her. The Family Friend, providing emotional support for the new mother, saw an additional need and sprang into action to meet it. The volunteer observed that the parents had not been out together for a long time and would benefit from some time alone. As the mum suffered with trust issues she was reluctant to allow babysitters to help. So the volunteer offered to babysit which allowed the couple to go out to a Karaoke evening together! They enjoyed their time and were really grateful for the chance to go out on a date together. The volunteer felt it was something simple she could help with and was happy to go the extra mile and provide mum and dad with the chance to have an evening out.

Often it’s something simple that really helps struggling parents keep going rather than being overwhelmed. If you can help please click on the link below.

How volunteers help families