It Was That Good

I was snoring; it was that good.

Mum had recently relocated to the area from the South and was finding it very lonely and isolating in an unfamiliar environment without family members nearby. 

“I didn’t have any family around here. I was pregnant and have a toddler so it was really stressful. My midwife was very concerned.”

Mum was told about Safe Families and agreed to be matched with a volunteer couple who would be there for her to host her youngest daughter while Mum was giving birth.

“The first time Safe Families brought the volunteers to my house my daughter was so happy and free with them. She’d never met them before so that’s when I knew God was with us.

“I didn’t have any family around, it was an emotional time. Safe Families always called and checked on me.

Photo: Pixabay

‘What are you doing at Christmas? Nothing? Can I call the volunteers? Would you like to go with them?’ So the volunteers called me and picked me up on Christmas Day. I went there, had food and was full with my big belly. I fell asleep on the couch and they played with my daughter. I was snoring; it was that good. It was a really good Christmas.”

Due to Baby’s breech position, Mum was scheduled to give birth early in hospital.

“The volunteers were brilliant. My niece was able to come the night before operating. My niece, me and my daughter, we slept at the volunteers’ for the night and drove the next morning to hospital. They drove me down and returned to take care of my daughter. Since then they’ve been so good, picked me up and dropped me off, taken pictures…I was so overwhelmed. I was crying, it was a cry of joy. I was so satisfied, like, ‘How can people do this? How can people be so selfless with their time and money?’ They didn’t know me before.

“If not for Safe Families I don’t know how I would have done it! The faith and trust I have with Safe Families it made it easier for me. I wasn’t scared; I was so free.

“I was so happy and this will live with me forever.”