‘It was a pleasure to work alongside Safe Families’


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‘I had the pleasure to work alongside Safe Families who were supportive and assisted my practice as a Social Worker. Without Safe Families the children I was working with would have been unnecessarily accommodated by the Local Authority as their mother and other family members were unable to provide a place for them to stay.

Finding a placement at such short notice for two siblings can be very difficult for the Local Authority and they may have needed to be split up which would have been very distressing for the children.

The staff and the host family were supportive and assisted the Local Authority wherever they could to ensure a smooth and successful host was accomplished. The outcome was fantastic for all concerned although the siblings were split they are residing with family members, this was achievable as the time the children spent with the host family enabled the siblings family members to pull together to be able to offer them a home.

It was a pleasure to work alongside Safe Families and I appreciate the service offered.’

Thank you


Sally Furniss

Social Worker

Nottingham City Children’s Services Duty Team