Forward Planning

Today we’d like to share the story of a university student who supported a family where Dad is a carer to his disabled wife and their 6 children.

The family needed to create a downstairs bedroom for the parents, so Mum could have a bed downstairs. Dad is very good at DIY and had done most of the work himself prior to the arrival of the newborn. However, after the new baby was born, they needed some extra support to finish it. A Resource Friend came round to help Dad complete the decorating, while a Family Friend looked after the two little ones. The work was done during 2 school days so the other 4 children were at school. Another Resource Friend has also donated a double buggy to the family so Dad can get out and about more easily with the two youngest.

Let’s hear from the Family Friend…

“I went to the University’s volunteer page and up came Safe Families. It sounded perfect for me!

“This is the first time I’ve supported a family. It was two really young boys. I’ve got quite a few young children in my family but I’ve moved away from home, so it’s nice to be around little kids again. The support was only for two days, a one-off. It was so good. For that family it made a quite a bit of difference as they were able to get work done on their house.

“They needed to decorate a room but they had some young children and couldn’t decorate and look after them at the same time. It was just a bedroom but it meant they could move into a downstairs bedroom and have space for the kids and it was more accessible for the parents. It meant a lot for the family, not to be stuck without the room, they now have extra places for them and their kids to go.

“Dad was really grateful. Really really grateful. He said he couldn’t have done it without the help. It was really nice to hear.

“I think planning and making sure I had enough time in the first place was key as a student. I’m a big diary person and I knew when I was volunteering so I made sure I fit my work around it. Forward planning! It’s a nice break actually. It might sound difficult but is much nicer than being in the library!

“They were so easy. Both such pleasant little babies; I couldn’t have asked for better ones.

“It was honestly the best thing I’ve done in a long time.”

If you’d like to support a parent or child, please get in touch and we’ll tell you about some opportunities to get involved!