Baby’s on the Way!


*Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Mum Cindy* and her two children were relatively new to the area when she was referred to Safe Families. Heavily pregnant, the request came to our office to arrange to host her two children for the time when she had to go into hospital to deliver baby ‘bump’.

Our Family Support Manager went with the Host Family, Liz*, to met mum and children before the hosting occurred. The children were shy at first and not used to having strangers in the house, mum leading an isolated existence. But by the end of the visit the kids were captivated with our ruddy-cheeked, warm-hearted volunteer.

Although Cindy wasn’t due for weeks, the following day we got the phone call to say mum had gone into hospital, both kids were in nursery and could the hosting happen immediately, please?

Host mum, Liz, was out with her own children and some friend’s children on a day trip, but despite the awkwardness of having to cancel her plans and rush home to help this family, she saw this hosting request as a special opportunity she had to help another family.

No clothes had been packed for the siblings due to suddenness of the hosting but church members provided some age appropriate clothing through another volunteer and dropped that off in time for the kids to get into their new pyjamas and get tucked into bed!

It was only when Liz returned home after dropping the children off that the enormity of what she’d been able to help with really struck her and she felt overwhelmed with the family’s happiness at being reunited.

Thanks to all the volunteers who pulled together, hosting and utilising the church as a resource to meet this family’s needs!

*Names are changed to protect privacy.

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