Asking for Help


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“Originally I didn’t want to ask for help, but I’m glad I did…I’m really glad I did!”

After a traumatic fairground accident, a young mum was left with limited mobility and needed to go into hospital repeatedly for treatment. Feeling helpless between struggling with the pain and getting her child to school, mum was at first reluctant to turn to Safe Families as “asking for help was a big thing for me”. Mum wasn’t just unaccustomed to asking for help, she wasn’t used to receiving it either as her family would often refuse to help even when she needed it. Eventually mum says she “came to a point where it was impossible to juggle the kids and the pain” and at that point Safe Families for Children stepped in.

Because of the complexity of the situation, Safe Families provided a number of volunteers to give ‘wraparound care’ to the family. One was a Family Friend, who could stand alongside mum and give moral support as the potential of mum being admitted to hospital recurrently was very real.

When mum did have to go into hospital as anticipated, Safe Families’ Host Families hosted the 22-month old baby. Despite the traumatic circumstances, the hosting was a positive experience for both baby and family and the hosting continued on a weekly basis to give mum some respite.

As mum and family were in the middle of moving at the time, Resource Friends were able to step in to help with the move, and later on with housework and sourcing bedroom furniture and a new hoover. Then on top of everything else, the family’s washing machine broke for a number of weeks! So volunteers came round to collect the washing, and return it – clean and fresh – to the family.

Due to volunteers’ support the family has had a very positive turn-around and mum can hardly believe there are such kind people out there to help. “Originally I didn’t want to ask for help, but I’m glad I did…I’m really glad I did!”