A Dad in Wales


Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

One day a referral came in to our Wales office for a dad in his 30’s with 2-year-old daughter. His wife had passed away suddenly some 6 months previously. It was very unexpected as they thought she just had a fever and then 10 days later she was gone. 

Dad was left with his little girl and very little support in terms of close family. He had his own relatives in England but while his wife’s family were local he couldn’t rely on them to care for his little girl while he was at work. 

So dad was really struggling and at his wit’s end. He’d gone to a church at the suggestion of a friend and it turned out to be a church connected with Safe Families for Children. Thus the church office was able to link Safe Families with the dad. 

The primary need was for hosting when dad worked away from home and for some general daytime support until dad was able to move back to England and could access his own family support. 

In the end Safe Families matched dad and his little girl with a family with 2 little boys. They were thrilled to have a little girl at the house and thought it was amazing. The Host Family provided overnight hosting and daytime visits with lots of fun outdoor adventures and indoor baking.

Dad was so grateful for the support he received and said he didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t been able to work and to get the move to England in place. For him our volunteers stepping in made all the difference. At time the 5 weeks of support finished he was very positive and enthusiastic and could face the future positively.

Note from closing visit:

“Dad was extremely happy with the support provided. He felt that we had been compassionate and listened carefully to his needs and wishes. He has had a lot of unwanted sympathy over the months and enjoyed the genuine nature of the support given where he felt respected and listened to. He appreciated the flexibility of the process and the ability to put his mind at rest by visiting the Host Family before hosting took place. He also liked the way we protected each party and honoured their choices. He leaves for England tomorrow and although nervous as moving reminds him of his loss, he believes he is doing the right thing.”

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