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Our first canine volunteer!

It is estimated that over 100,000 grandparents are full-time raising their grandchildren, because the parent, for whatever reason, is unable to do so. Whilst the grandchild is fairly small grandparents generally tend to get by, but as the child is growing up and becoming more demanding,  the grandparents are getting older and feeling less energetic. The… Read more »

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

We recently received this lovely letter from the friend of a family we’ve been helping… Dear Safe Families for Children, I have known a particular family for about nine years, initially as a Home Start volunteer and more recently as a friend. I have seen them experience many trials and tribulations – in some cases… Read more »

He’s a canny bloke!

The most significant support we are able to offer struggling families is often focused around the mother – but we are finding that there are lots of dads needing support too. One of the Dads we support has been caring for his wife and 2 little girls for the past year. It’s been a tough… Read more »

In The Nick Of Time!

Tees Valley Regional Coordinator Sonia Daniel got more than she bargained for this week when she went to meet a heavily pregnant mum who needed our support. The meeting was to discuss the details of how Safe Families for Children could help with the hosting of her two-year-old, when the time came to have the… Read more »