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2 Hours Helped 3 Lives

Many children who grow up in the care system have very little support as adults as they may not have close family members involved in their lives. This in turn makes it harder to raise their own children, who may also end up in care as a result, becoming a sad cycle of broken families. One single mum we were… Read more »

Four Carrier Bags & An Operation

Some families we help are going through long-term difficulties but others are in sudden emergency situations. One such situation we encountered was a mum about to give birth to her fifth child. She was suffering major anxiety because she knew her children were at risk of being taken into care when she was in hospital as she… Read more »

Living on the Edge…of Care

Today we’d like you to meet Maggie. For some time now Maggie has been on the edge of care. Substance misuse has been an ongoing issue for Maggie’s parents and children’s services have been involved with the family for many years. Although the quality of the children’s care has been under review, the children have so far been… Read more »

An Unlikely Volunteer

Suffering from depression and separated from the father of her four children, Evie needed some friendly support, especially in the case of her eldest child, Helen, who displayed challenging behaviour. An unexpected Family Friend volunteer stepped forward to help Evie and Helen. Unmarried and with no experience of having children of her own, Barbara turned out to be the… Read more »