How We Work

Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) accepts referrals from partnering local authorities, matching struggling families with caring volunteers in their area who can provide tailored help and ‘wraparound’ care. Involvement with Safe Families makes a crucial difference for some families in preventing the need for children to go into care.

Safe Families for Children works by bringing together:

A safe and friendly temporary home for children
Befriending and support for struggling parents
Access to useful goods and services

Safe Families volunteers help in the following ways:

Host Home Volunteers

Trustworthy families who take children into their homes, giving the parents much needed space to deal with the pressing issues.

Family Friend Volunteers

Friendly folk who befriend, mentor and support parents through their crisis, helping them get back on their feet and making the home stable for them and their children.

Resource Friend Volunteers

Generous supporters who find they are able to provide useful goods or skills to benefit families in need, such as a cot, clothing or helping with cooking or gardening.

‘I Refused to Go into Hospital’ As a single mum of two who had to move to escape domestic violence, Deborah and her girls were supported by her mum until another tragedy struck her family when her father was diagnosed with cancer. ‘This Girl Can’

When I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to this beautiful child, as I have done since he was born, his little hand makes the opening and closing of a star shape.

Local Authority and Church Partnerships

Safe Families for Children has a strong relationship to churches in local communities, which is where it finds most of its volunteers. Safe Families is a very broad-based organisation spanning all the major church denominations and traditions – Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Reformed etc.

Safe Families’ patron is the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev Justin Welby, who is well-known for his position that faith is not simply a matter of private beliefs but that it is the motivation from which springs the desire to address the injustices present in modern society.

Safe Families has also enjoyed constructive dialogue with leaders of other faiths about the strength and possibilities of the Safe Families model for supporting families in need.

Safe Families for Children partners with local authorities, working hand-in-hand with the children’s social care teams responsible for assessing the needs of children and families, and for finding them the tailored and timely support that they need. We are currently accepting referrals from local authorities in the North East & Cumbria, Midlands & S. Yorkshire, North West, South and South West, Wales and Scotland.